The Bracers of Defense AC 3 give the wearer an Armor Class of 3. As for all bracers of defense, if the character is already wearing armor whith a better AC, this item will have no effect. They have a weight of 1 lb, though the description reads 2, and can be worn by all classes except Kensai and Wizard Slayer. These are the most powerful bracers of defense, and they appear in Shadows of Amn.



Grinning Glen, the Knight of Fools, wore these bracers while competing in jousting tourneys. With his skill, charm, and bravado -- no man other than he would joust without armor --  he soon became a favorite to the ladies that watched the events. Too much of a favorite it would seem, for one afternoon he was caught frolicking with a knight's betrothed.  A challenge was issued, but in his rush Glen forget to don his bracers. Glen died with a confused grin on his face as the knight's sword struck him, never knowing his own folly.