One of the Bracers of Defense series, great for mages or multi, dual class mages who can't cast spells when wearing body armor, others in group include Bracers of Defense AC 3, Bracers of Defense AC 4, Bracers of Defense AC 6, Bracers of Defense AC 7, Bracers of Defense AC 8, the lower the number the better. Note that the bracers only set the base Armor Class to a certain number so they don't stack with body armor.


Bracers are thick bands of metal or leather that are strapped, belted, or tied to a character's forearm. Generally, the magic that is instilled in bracers is good only during combat, since most bracers help protect the wearer from injury or improve their chances to strike an opponent. Exceptions do exist, though such specialized items are rare at best.
Standard bracers support the forearm, which often proves handy in combat situations. This magically altered pair is handier still, bestowing the wearer with protection comparable to a full suit of armor. Unlike armor, the bracers allow a full range of motion. This makes them highly prized by wizards and sorcerers, who cannot allow physical restriction to be imposed upon them if they're to successfully manipulate the Weave.