Brage was a highly-respected captain of the guard in the Nashkel garrison. He was driven mad by a cursed sword and killed several people in a murderous rage. Brage fled to the west and is hiding in the Area South of the Lighthouse (See world map.) Oublek has a bounty posted on his head, but Nalin, the local priest of the Temple of Helm, thinks that he can help Brage.
Brage's massacre

Brage and Laryssa at the site of his most recent massacre


Unless you have killed Brage's cousin Laryssa and looted her body before encountering him (a feat not easily accomplished), Brage will initiate dialogue and present you with a riddle when he sees you:

It has neither mouth nor teeth, yet it eats its food steadily. It has neither village nor home, neither hands nor feet, yet it wanders everywhere. It has neither country nor means nor office nor pen, yet it is ready for fight—always. By day and by night there is wailing about it. It has no breath, yet to all it appears.

  • 1:-War
  • 2:-Wind
  • 3:-The Insect
  • 4:-Death
  • 5:-The Circus
  • 6:-The Moon
  • 7:-A Bear
  • 8:-An Outlaw

The correct answer to this riddle, response 4 "Death," opens the way to the Brage's Life Spared conclusion to the quest The Tale of Captain Brage, where you choose to return Brage alive to Nalin in the Temple of Helm in Nashkel. Choosing this option will make the party appear instantly in the Temple of Helm, without any time elapsing.

Any other response leads to immediate hostilities:

Thine eyes are as blind as mine! If thou art in the darkness with me, then we are of the same cloth! I'll not allow another to do as I have! Die, monsters, DIE!

You have no choice now but to kill Brage and carry his body back to Oublek in Nashkel for his reward.



  • It is sometimes possible that despite killing Laryssa, he will initiate a dialogue, making it possible to kill (and loot) Laryssa while also getting the reward from the Brage's Life Spared. Alternatively, if he is hostile, it possible to charm him, making it possible to initiate dialogue again.