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Branwen is a human cleric who is a potential companion in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. To hire Branwen, you must first free her from petrification. She can be found at the Nashkel Carnival. For more information, see Freeing Branwen. She has no items when she joins the party.

She also appears in the Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn tutorial. She explains how to use priest spells.

In-game biographyEdit

Branwen reveals that she left her home of Seawolf in the Norheim Isles at an early age. She was apparently reviled by her own people for wanting to become a priest, a station reserved exclusively for the men of the village. She harbors no resentment, realizing that her faith must face such tests or be worthless. She traveled the coast, offering her services to local militias, and eventually came into the employ of an adventuring troupe in the Nashkel area. Branwen had no idea that the group was participating in banditry however, and on their first raid, she balked at attacking a caravan of unarmed merchants. She rebelled and a mage named Tranzig turned her to stone in the ensuing fight. Despite the unfavorable outcome, Branwen feels that Tempus views her actions approvingly. To attack those that are unarmed is the basest of villainy.

Abilities Edit

With a Wisdom score of 16, Branwen can learn up to level 5 cleric spells to include Raise Dead and Cure Critical Wounds. She initially gains access to these spells at level 9.

She also has the special ability, Spiritual Hammer, a level 2 cleric spell, which can provide multiple uses and replenishes whenever the party rests. As a result, she can freely use the spell multiple times between rests without taking up level 2 memorization slots.


  • "By the ice breath of Auril, 'tis good to see new faces and taste freedom again!"
  • "Tempus, forgive my cowardice!"
  • "Tempus, give us victory!"
  • "I am proud to stand among such strong warriors."
  • "Our actions are not those of warrior born."
  • "What sort of craven cowards are we?"
  • "I can no longer honorably work with such as you!"
  • "I have always dreamt of leading such a worthy band!"
  • "*yawn* I'm tired."
  • "Damn the icicles of Auril, I'm bored."
  • "Ah uh.. 'tis but a flesh wound."
  • "By Tempus' Shield!"
  • "What is your command?"
  • "'Tis better to die on your feet, than live on your knees."
  • "May Auril bestow the Frost Kiss upon our enemies."
  • "The gods favor is fickle at best."
  • "'Tis a fine day to die."
  • "If Tempus wills it."
  • "By Valkur's mighty Blade!"

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