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Bub is a hunter you encounter in the Area South of Beregost.

Take my advice... er... mac, keep yer weapons ready.

He tells you that he's hunting Ogres, and that he can smell two nearby. He also tells you that he works alone, and will not join your party.

Wolverine ReferencesEdit

Marvel fans will notice the various references this character makes to the super hero Wolverine.

  • His name Bub Snikt,
    • Bub refers to the nickname Wolverine gives various people.
    • Snikt refers to the sound Wolverine's claws make, in the comics, when they emerge.
  • His talks of sniffing out the ogres,
    • Heightened senses are one of Wolverine's mutant abilities
  • If you suggest that Bub is "pretty good at what he does" he admits it's true, but that what he does isn't pretty.
    • One of Wolverine's most famous quotes is:
"I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do best isn't very nice."
Bub snikt speak

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