Bucklers, (so called because they can be "buckled" onto the forearm,) are the smallest shields available, usually made from wood or metal. They can be use by many classes, except mages. These shields are available in three different styles, like the larger-sized shields. Like all standard shields, bucklers offer an armor class bonus of -1. However, since their marginal size provides no protection against missile and piercing weapons, the armor class bonus is cancelled out with +1 penalties to piercing/missile attacks. The standard buckler weighs 2 lbs.

Bucklers can be found for sale throughout the realm, including at Candlekeep Inn, Thunderhammer Smithy, Nashkel Store, Ulgoth's Beard Inn and many other weapon and armor stores.

In-game descriptionEdit

A buckler, also known as a target shield, is a small round shield of wood or metal that fastens to the forearm. Because of its size, it is light and can be worn with very little restriction to movement.


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