Cailan is one of the mercenaries Degrodel asks the player to find. He is a member of Vail's party which ended up petrified and sold as a statues to Felonius Gist. His comrades are VailFaizah TinAchen Dell and Rance. Like Achen Dell and Faizah Tin, Cailan claims not to know where Balduran's Helmet is.


Baldur's GateEdit


Well that was unpleasant. I thank you for my freedom. I take it that I was petrified by the Basilisk? That mage was one wily customer. I hope the creature turned on him before he could dispel it. I am Cailan, and you are... ?
Hmm... I do not have such a thing in my possession, though one of my companions may. I cannot say for certain though, as I have not known them for long. Not counting the time spent petrified with them, of course.

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