Caldo is one of 2 thugs in Area East of Gnoll Stronghold (at 3330, 2030) trying to cut down an ancient oak tree, in the mistaken belief that they will find treasure beneath it. The Dryad of the Cloud Peaks asks you to stop them from doing so, beginning the side quest Dryad of the Cloud Peaks.


Responses 2 & 3 lead to the completion of the Dryad of the Cloud Peaks quest.

"We think dis here's a magic tree, 'cuz it's all alone up here and so big. Probably got gnomes or pixies or sumthin' in it, so we're gonna bust it down and take any treasure! Ain't that right, Krumm? You wanna help? It's a big tree, probably got enough gold fer alluh us!"

  • 1:-Let’s do it, big fella! Riches beyond the dreams of avarice await, I am sure!
Yeah! Beyond da average dreams for sure! We'll all go home richer today! You go 'round the back, an' me 'n Krumm will start bashin' the front.
Krumm: Uhhhhmmmm...
Dryad of the Cloudpeaks: Leave at once foul creatures! Lay not a finger upon this place or suffer the consequences!
Caldo: Ah! It's the dryad! Krumm, we gotta get outta here.
Dryad of the Cloudpeaks: The very trees cringe at the sight of thee.
(Caldo and Krumm leave, Dryad attacks you)
  • 2:-You don’t really want to do this, do you? Just think of how beautiful this tree is. It's truly a wonder of nature.
Well, if ye're not gonna help, I'm not gonna let you sit and watch us do it! Yous were probably gonna rob us when we're done, weren't cha? Me an' Krumm don't cotton to bandits one bit! Do we, Krumm?
Krumm: What?
  • 3:-I’ll not let you harm a branch on this tree! You'll have to go through me first!
First or last, we probable go through you sometime! Get them Krumm!
Krumm: Huh?