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Ar2600worldmap Candlekeep is one of the areas from the World Map.


Candlekeep is a many towered fortress library that stands on a crag, looking down upon the Sea of Swords.  The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge. The gatekeeper, Keeper of the Portal, only grants entry to those who can donate a new tome of immense value.

The path to Candlekeep is called the Way of the Lion.


What could possibly harm us here? This place is a fortress, and guarded beyond measure.

Gorion's Ward

  • The game starts here here
  • Learn about the gameplay
  • Gear up at the Inn
  • Speak to Gorion and leave the Citadel


Firebead's ScrollEdit

Firebead Elvenhair in the Inn asks you to fetch a scroll from Tethtoril who wanders around the Library in the center of town.

Phlydia's BookEdit

Phlydia asks you to find her book. Dreppin tells you it is in the haystack. If your reaction is high enough, she'll give you a Lynx Eye Gem.

An Errand for FullerEdit

Fuller has an errand for you. Buy some bolts from the inn. If your reaction is high enough, he'll give you a Dagger +1 in return.

Hull's SwordEdit

Hull asks you to fetch his sword from the barracks. Grab the Antidote while you're in there.

Dreppin's CowEdit

Dreppin's cow isn't feeling well. Good thing you grabbed that Antidote.

Reevor's StorehouseEdit

Reevor wants you to clean his storehouse.

Obe's TrainingEdit

Obe will teach you about party combat. You can continue to farm some experience as well, but only the Gibberling and Kobold grant any.

Priest of OghmaEdit

Priest of Oghma in the surgery will give you a Potion of Healing if you tell him you need some.

Assassination AttemptsEdit

Other Significant Encounters/EventsEdit

  • Scamming the Nobles, see Thurston
  • A Free Potion of Healing from the Infirmary (talk to the priest)
  • Training from Jondalar
  • Training from Obe

​Video GuideEdit

Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep - Part 119:20

Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep - Part 1

External linksEdit

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