Ar2700worldmap Candlekeep Coastway is one of the areas from the World Map.

Candlekeep Coastway, also known as Lion's Way,[1][2]  lies just east of Candlekeep. The signpost (monolith, menhir) in this area identifies it as "Candlekeep Coastway," but the signpost in Coast Way to the east reads "Lion's Way West to Candlekeep." Quite likely, we are to understand that the area is known as Candlekeep Coastway, and the road through it is known as Lion's Way.


  • After witnessing Gorion's death, we complete Baldur's Gate Prologue and wake up here the morning after the battle to begin Baldur's Gate Chapter 1.
  • It is here that Gorion was murdered; collect his effects and head east to Coast Way.
  • Imoen joins your party here, and you may wish to invite Montaron and Xzar as well. They are a rather tedious pair, but unpleasant company is preferable to death on the road.

Side questsEdit

Xzar and Montaron (companion quest)Edit

Xzar and Montaron offer to join your party.


There is an enemy-free "corridor" from the spot where you wake up to the site of the ambush, and the road itself is quite safe. Further exploration of the area is safer once Khalid and Jaheira have been recruited in The Friendly Arm.

Dread Wolves possibly spawn only if you return here with a higher-level party. Black Bears and Dire Wolves are deadly enough for a starting party. The good news on Black Bears is that they generally won't go hostile if you walk by quickly at a respectful distance. The bad news is that they are very persistent if they go hostile, and you can't outrun them as you can many enemies.

Rest here is interrupted about 1/3 of the time by one or more Diseased Gibberlings; one if the party is just the Gorion's Ward and Imoen, two if Montaron and Xzar are also in the party.

Video guideEdit

Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep Coastway - Part 204:17

Baldur's Gate - Candlekeep Coastway - Part 2

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