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Candlekeep Inn is the store and inn of Candlekeep. The main character starts just outside it at the beginning of the game. There are a number of interactable characters and Tutors within the Inn. The inn is run by Winthrop.


If you successfully loot every container in this building you will find:

If you speak to the wealthy patrons on the first floor and inquire about their valuables, they will rush upstairs to secure them in a chest. Do this before looting the chests upstairs to get a Diamond worth 1000 Goldpieces. This is a huge boon for a new character if they have the skills to open the chest.


Firebead's ScrollEdit

Firebead Elvenhair in the Inn asks you to fetch a scroll from Tethtoril who wanders around the Library in the center of town.

Buy, Sell and StealEdit

Sells Stock Price
Battle Axe 4 5
Throwing Axe (x5) Infinite 5
Club Infinite 1
Flail 5 16
Mace 5 8
Morning Star 5 11
Composite Long Bow 1 112
Long Bow 4 84
Short Bow 5 33
Dagger Infinite 2
Throwing Dagger (x5) Infinite 5
Dart (x10) Infinite 1
Halberd 3 11
War Hammer 5 2
Sling Infinite 1
Spear 10 1
Quarter Staff Infinite 1
Bastard Sword 3 28
Long Sword 7 16
Short Sword 12 11
Two Handed Sword 1 56
ScimitarTotSC BG:EE Infinite 61
Bullet Infinite 1
Heavy Crossbow 2 56
Light Crossbow 5 39
Bolt (x20) Infinite 1
Arrows (x20) Infinite 1
Chain Mail Armor 2 84
Splint Mail 1 89
Leather Armor 10 5
Studded Leather Armor 7 22
Small Shield 10 3
Medium Shield 6 7
Large Shield 3 11
Buckler Infinite 1
Buckler Infinite 1
Buckler Infinite 1
Small Shield 4
Small Shield 4
Medium Shield 4
Medium Shield 4
Large Shield 4
Large Shield 4
Helmet Infinite 1
KatanaBG:EE 1 750

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