Captain Schael Corwin is a lawful good human archer and a potential companion.SoD

Corwin is Rohma's mother and a member of the Flaming Fist.

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Recruitment Edit

Corwin is available from Chapter 8, she offers to join your party as soon as you arrive the Coast Way Crossing.

Subquest Edit

Beno Famari, ex-husband of Corwin, father of Rohma, has been killed by Corwin five times, each time he gets revived by the temple clerics, lucky for him. Unlucky for him, Corwin finds him again at Dragonspear Castle Courtyard. Depending on your charisma, wisdom, strength, or whether you're romancing Corwin, you'll get various responses from Beno, it seems he still cares for Rohma, though he can barely remember her name. Let him go, or maybe you should just kill him, because it won't hurt (for Corwin) to do it the sixth time, and considering the fact that nobody around cares for the fight, he probably won't be revived again (finally), though killing him only nets you 1,500 XP instead of 6,000 if you let him live...just don't tell Rohma about this.

Relationships Edit

Gameplay analysis Edit

Her average dexterity score as an archer isn't much a issue, her starting bow grants a +1 dex bonus, and if you have the Gauntlets of Dexterity from an imported game, her dex would be 19 at the time of her joining, later you'll find Archer's Eyes, a further +1 dex and +5% to critical hit:rate. Actually being an archer, she gains +1 to hit and damage for every 3 levels, her THAC0 is more than sufficient to hit anything in game without the help of the gauntlets, not to mention the increased damage bonus from the class kit. She'll tear apart almost everything from afar, but in order for her to be effective in the final battle, you need to save every +3 arrows you find throughout the game because Belhifet is immune to all +2 weapons and below.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Schael Corwin reluctantly admits she ran wild as a child on the streets of Baldur's Gate. Her rebelliousness soon got her into trouble with the Flaming Fist.

Left alone in a cell with nothing but her thoughts for company, she began to reflect on the decisions she'd made in the past and see where they would inevitably take her. When she was eventually freed, she decided to change the direction of her life. She enlisted in the Flaming Fist and rose quickly through the ranks.

You sense there is little Schael Corwin would not do for her family or for the Flaming Fist.''

Trivia Edit

  • Corwin is voiced by Monica Maddaford.

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