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Carlig is a duergar merchant who can be found in the Underdark.

Buy and SellEdit

Item icon Item name Stock Selling price (rep =3) Selling price (rep =8-14) Selling price (rep =20)
Short sword icon Short Sword 8
Icon Scimitar Scimitar 3
Two handed sword icon Two Handed Sword 2
Leather Armor item icon BG2 Leather Armor 5
Splint mail icon Splint Mail 2
Sling icon Sling 10
Arrows icon Arrow x40 Unlimited
Bolts icon Bolt x40 Unlimited
Bullet icon Bullet x40 Unlimited
Freedom 4
Scroll of Flesh to Stone 5
Animate Dead 2
Breach 1
Stoneskin 2
Cloudkill 1
Cone of Cold 1
Domination 1
Hold Monster 1
Chaos 1
Protection from Electricity 1
Spell Shield 1
Sunfire 1
Improved Haste 1
Power Word Silence 1
Stone To Flesh 1
True Sight 1
Mass Invisibility 1
Prismatic Spray 1
Project Image 1
Spell Sequencer 1

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