Cat is a non-hostile animal. There are two cats in The Storehouse in Candlekeep, some cats roaming freely in the Carnival, one found in Nashkel's Manor House and one found in Naskel Mines. The cats in Candlekeep Storehouse seem to have reached a truce with the five rats that live there, as they all wander around the storehouse at the same time without incident. 

For those lucky enough to have a scroll of Find Familiar, the ability to use it, and a Chaotic Neutral alignment, a cat of their very own is their reward.

Dead CatEdit

See also: Dead Cat and Drienne's Cat
Dead Cat item artwork BGEE

Drienne's cat, resting peacefully.

In the far-off Area East of Gnoll Stronghold, Drienne's cat Pixie has paid the ultimate price to play a more substantial role in the Bhaalspawn saga. She has become a Dead Cat! Fortunately, her death need not be permanent.