There are 54 mapped areas that can be travelled to above ground, these are all eventually unlocked on the World Map. Every area has an area code.

There are several more unmapped areas such as the interiors of dungeons and buildings.

The following tables map the main area. They are positioned geographically.

      Area n of wyrms crossing  
      Wyrms crossing  
      Area n of bandit camp  
Cloakwood nw Cloakwood ne Mines Bandit camp  
Cloakwood sw Cloakwood se Friendly arm inn map Peldvale  
Candlekeep Candlekeep coastway map Coast way map Larswood Area e of larswood
Area w of high hedge High hedge Beregost map Temple Area n of gullykin
Lighthouse Area s of high hedge Area S Beregost Ulcaster Gullykin
Area s of lighthouse Lake Area n of nashkel Area e of firewine bridge Firewine bridge
Area n of gnoll stronghold Area w of nashkel Nashkel Carnival Area e of carnival
Gnoll stronghold Area e of gnoll stronghold Area s of nashkel Nashkel mines Area e of nashkel mines

Baldur's GateEdit

Baldurs gate north west Baldurs gate north Baldurs gate north east
Baldurs gate west Baldurs gate central Baldurs gate east
Baldurs gate south west Baldurs gate south Baldurs gate south east


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