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Companions are characters that offer to join your party. There are as many as 25 in Baldur's Gate, 17 in Throne of Bhaal, including the five returning companions and the enhanced editions added 4 extra to each game. Three of those companions are available in both games, who are Neera, Dorn II-Khan and Rasaad yn Bashir. The fourth extra companion is a hidden companion. In the first Baldur's Gate, there are four pairs which can't be separated without letting one of them die or by using an exploit. They are:

  • Khalid - Jaheira
  • Xzar - Montaron
  • Minsc - Dynaheir
  • Eldoth - Skie

The only legit way to separate these pairs is by death, even if the character can still be resurrected by either visiting a temple or a spell and if the character is petrified and can be restored. There exists an exploit that uses the fact that companions cannot open doors without the player's direction.


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