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Celestial Fury is a katana +3 in terms of the level of enchantment. It inflicts 1d10 +3 points of damage and it stuns opponents when they can't make make a save vs. spells (Booming thunder) and there is a 5% chance this weapon will inflict +20 points of electrical damage (Shocking blow). The wielder of the blade may also use Blindness and Lightning Strike once per day when wielding the katana. It has a +3 thaco bonus, a speed factor of 1 and it weighs 3 lbs.

This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It can be found in Guarded compound of the Athkatla Temple District. When one enters the house, the owners will see this as trespassing and the proud mages try to lure the party deeper into the house. At the second floor, the mages will fight the party and one of them drops the weapon.

In-game descriptionEdit

Many centuries ago, a trumpet archon named Chin Yi fell in love with a mortal man in Shou Lung and swore to protect him from enemies should he ever ride to war. When that time came, however, Chin Yi's patron goddess Kwan Ying forbade her to intervene, not wishing to contribute to the bloodshed. When Chin Yi's beloved was cut down by a yuan-ti warlord, her grief was terrible and her wrath immediate: Ignoring Kwan Ying's warnings, she flew onto the battlefield and took up her beloved's katana, using the blade to cut down the warlord and all those who served him. She continued the slaughter of the yuan-ti army until Kwan Ying herself appeared before her, arms open and eyes full of sympathy. "If it will stop this slaughter, I will ease your pain and end your suffering."

"I do not wish to end my suffering," replied Chin Yi. "I wish for my fury to sound throughout the ages, now and forever." Wanting to help her servant, but not wishing to unleash such powerful fury on the world, Kwan Ying bound Chin Yi's spirit to the blade of the man she had failed to protect, and then hid the weapon in a warrior's tomb. The tomb was later infiltrated and the weapon stolen, and although Chin Yi's cries could no longer be heard through the steel of the blade, her vengeance was as brutal as ever.

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