Centeol is a woman under a severe curse in Baldur's Gate. She has been imprisoned by spiders for at least the past several years, ironically also being cared for by them, forming a significant bond. She can be found in the spider nest in the area appropriately referred to as Cloakwood Nest.

Centeol will claim that she was once a sorceress and was cursed by the arch-mage Jon Irenicus for murdering his lover, Tanova. Centeol was obsessed with Irenicus. She wanted him to love her but he loved only Tanova. So Centeol devised and executed a plan to kill her. When Irenicus discovered his lover's death he animated her corpse and discovered the identity of her killer. Then he went to Centeol's tower and cursed her with obesity and put her in a cave with spiders to guard and feed her so she would live in misery.

Her lair must be entered by the protagonist in order to complete the side-quest Spiders in the Cloakwood, though killing her is not required. While she does turn hostile despite whatever dialogue choices are made, and is responsible for even more spiders joining the fight, her guardians are the real threat, while she is practically harmless; she has no spells at her disposal despite a magic-intensive past, she can't move due to the curse she suffers from, and has a very weak and slow melee attack.

In classic Baldur's Gate, she mentioned Jon Icarus rather than Jon Irenicus. His name was changed while making Baldur's Gate 2.

My spiderssss! Kill them. Kill them all!


In the Enhanced Edition, Centeol is guarded by 2 Sword Spiders, 2 Giant Spiders (with 2 more being spawned), and 2 Ettercaps. In total, including Centeol herself, this yields 8,100 total experience. Meanwhile, her lair also includes a treasure trove containing a Fire Opal Ring, a Wand of Frost, the cursed ring Discipliner, the unique two-handed sword Spider's Bane, along with Chelak's Body.

Related QuestsEdit

Spiders in the CloakwoodEdit

Tiber and his brother, Chelak, came to the Cloakwood to find and destroy the source of its spider infestation.  However, things went awry, and the brothers became separated, with Chelak missing for a week. Tiber asks Gorion's Ward and their party to search for him.


Every dialogue option seems to end with her hostility, and spawning 2 Giant Spiders.

"Kill the meat, my pets."

  • 1: Send those spiders to their deaths, there aren't any arachnophobes here.
"Shut up and die!"
  • 2: Please let us live! We've done nothing to you.
Same as option 1.0
  • 3: Hey, wait! We've come here... to... to benefit from your divine wisdom. Let us speak.
"You've come here to learn from my infinite wissssdom. Sssspeak quickly!"
  • 3.3: What's your name?
"My name isss... isss... Centeol, yesss, that is my name."
  • 3.3.1: So why are you so fat? Not to pry or anything...
"Your humor doesn't amuse me. Die!"
  • 3.3.2: Do you know anything about the Iron Throne?
"I know nothing of this "Iron Throne." You sshall now all die!"
  • 3.3.3: How is it that you came to live in this place?
"I am cursssed. The archmage, Jon Irenicus, cursed me for indignities done to him and his wife by me. I loved Jon, but now I hate him, as I hate you and everything. Spiderssss... kill them all."

Charmed DialogueEdit

I can tell you of my curse, for that is all I remember any more. I used to be beautiful and powerful. An exotic sorceress, with many powers at my command, and suitors at my door. But I only had eyes for one man, Jon Irenicus. He was a great and powerful wizard, the only man worthy of my affections, or so I thought.

Though I lusted for Jon, he cared little for me, for he had another to whom he was married, lady Tanova. So I plotted and schemed, and finally came up with a plan to rid the world of Tanova. When the deed was done, and Tanova lay dead I was exultant, but not for long.

Jon went mad with fury, and using his powerful magics, raised his wife into undeath and divined the identity of her murderer. He arrived at my tower, and I allowed him entry, desirous to finally consummate our love. Jon disabled me with his spells, then he cursed me to this body, and set spiders to feed me and keep me alive. So you see, if you were my friend, you would kill me.

Journal EntryEdit

Centeol's Sad StoryEdit

Requirements; the target charmed.

When we charmed the huge bloated creature that called herself Centeol, we were told an interesting story. It seems she was cursed to her current shape by a powerful mage called Jon Icarus. We don't know what any of this has to do with the adventure we're on right now, but you never can know. Perhaps it will come in useful in a sequel.
In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, the entry was changed to
When we charmed the huge bloated creature that called herself Centeol, we were told an interesting story. It seems she was cursed to her current shape by a powerful mage named Jon Irenicus. Hah! Only a fool would run afoul of a mage like that.

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