Chain Contingency allows 3 spells from 8th or lower level that will activate once the condition specified at casting occurs.


Chain Contingency channels some of the magical energy of the wizard and releases it only under certain circumstances. The wizard chooses three spells that will be released under certain conditions, such as being hit by an enemy. When this condition occurs, all three spells are cast immediately. Spells of 8th level or lower may be used in the contingency.

Acceptable conditions are:
Wizard was hit and suffered damage
Wizard sees enemy
Wizard lost half of his hit points
Wizard lost 75% of his hit points
Wizard lost 90% of his hit points
Wizard is helpless
Wizard has been poisoned

Target of released spell can be:
Last creature that hit the wizard
Nearest enemy

Gameplay Edit

Usage notes Edit

Chain Contingency is the most powerful spell in all Baldur's Gate and warps gameplay around itself. It is truly broken, so much so that fixes failed to balance it. There are numerous reasons for this hallowed distinction. As the highest level "condition" spell, Chain Contingency has access to almost every spell in the game, including offensive spells and Level 8 spells, with 3 total uses. This completely outclasses regular Contingency which could only cast one use of a Level 6 or lower NON offensive spell. The sequencers (Spell Trigger, Spell Sequencer, Minor Sequencer) were sometimes corrupted by bugs due to scripting events or condition changes and might fail: the contingencies never suffered from these corruptions as they were coded differently, never being stored in the innate ability slot for on-demand initiation.

Even more ridiculous, in vanilla Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, Chain Contingency was bugged to have no casting time. By setting a condition of "see enemy", a caster was capable of casting three Level 8 spells instantaneously. The prime target of this is Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, the strongest damage dealing spell in the game with a normal casting time of 8. This effectively allowed players to have an at-will nuke, at no risk to the player because Horrid Wilting only harmed enemies. While this bug was fixed in the final TOB patch, Chain Contingency remained very cheesy with the "see enemy" trigger, since it still lead to instantaneous death for most enemies. Casting three spells at once without restriction also revealed unforseen interactions with spells not intended to be cast more than once, or transformations not intended to receive stat bonuses.

Why was this spell so overpowered? Chain Contingency is essentially a simplified, spell version of the scripting language used for NPC behavior. But unlike NPCs, who cannot adapt their scripts and do not have access to game mechanics like sleep, players are free to customize Chain Contingency to counter any surprise or challenge on the fly. When used properly during high leverage encounters, Chain Contingency can pull victories out of almost certain defeat. While practice/experience is required to master and recognize those situations, this spell is what makes miracles happen.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit