The Chant spell affects attack rolls, damage rolls and saving throws of playable creatures in its area of effect.

In-game descriptionEdit

By means of the Chant spell, the priest brings special favor upon himself and his party, and causes harm to his enemies. When the Chant spell is completed, all the priest's allies within the area of effect gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls, minimum damage/healing rolls, and Saving Throws. Furthermore, damage dice for all effects outside a weapon’s base damage is reduced by 1. For example, a 6d6 fireball will do 6d5 damage, and an arrow of fire that deals 1d6+2 piercing plus 1d6 fire damage will deal 1d6+2 piercing plus 1d5 fire damage instead. The priest's enemies suffer the opposite effects.
Multiple chants are not cumulative

Gameplay Edit

  • Chant bestows a "Luck" status effect, which works slightly differently than simply adding or subtracting 1 from rolls. Detailed information can be found here

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