Charisma is one of the six Character Ability Scores. Certain amount of charisma is required by some classes in character creation, as well as when dual-classing.

It influences interactions with NPCs and it determines the prices of items in stores. The party member who leads the party determines the Charisma of the party and thus all NPC reactions. It's an important character ability for the party leader. The game will claim that it's an important character ability for Bards, Druids and Paladins, but once you hit the minimums for these classes, they gain nothing more from it than any other class would, and nothing at all if they are not the party leader.

Scores tableEdit

Ability Score Reaction adj Shop Prices
3 -8 Neutral
4 -7 Neutral
5 -6 Neutral
6 -5 Neutral
7 -4 Neutral
8 -2 Neutral
9 -1 Neutral
10 0 Neutral
11 0 Neutral
12 0 Neutral
13 +1 Neutral
14 +2 Neutral
15 +3 Neutral
16 +4 -5%
17 +4 -10%
18 +5 -15%
19 +8 -20%
20 +9 -25%
21 +10 -25%
22 +11 -25%
23 +12 -25%
24 +13 -25%
25 +14 -25%

Reaction adjustment: How an NPC reacts. The computer generates a random number between 8 and 12, then adds or subtracts bonuses or penalties from the character's Reputation and Charisma. Negative reactions may mean a quest isn't offered, a NPC turns hostile and positive reactions may lead to a better quest reward and better buying prices in a shop, for example.

High Charisma (16 or above) also reduces shop prices, up to a maximum of a 25% discount at 20 Charisma. 

Permanent Charisma boostsEdit

Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced EditionEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced EditionEdit

Charisma-boosting itemsEdit

Temporary Charisma-boosting itemsEdit

  • Scroll of Friends - raises Charisma by 2d4

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