The Chill Touch spell is used in the form of a melee-style method of attack directed at the life force of a creature.


When the caster completes this spell, a blue glow encompasses <PRO_HISHER> hand. This energy attacks the life force of any living creature upon which the wizard makes a successful melee attack. (Nonliving creatures such as golems and undead are unaffected by this spell.) The creature is punched for 1d2 fist damage (Strength bonuses apply) and must make a Saving Throw vs. Spell or suffer 1d8 points of damage and receive a -2 THAC0 penalty for 5 rounds.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's GateEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

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