Circlet of Netheril offers the ability to memorize one 7th level wizard spell. It can only be worn by mages and sorcerers.

This item appears in LDCNTR00004BGIIEESoAglow(ToB), it's dropped by the Chromatic Demon on the second level of Watcher's Keep.

Circlet of Netheril Edit

In-game description Edit

This thin circlet of gold appears too simple and plain to be a crown.  Although unadorned with gems, there are arcane and cryptic symbols etched along the surface - hinting at hidden power within the golden circlet.


& = Applies before updating

! = Applies after updating

Circlet of Netheril (upgraded) Edit

This circlet can be upgraded with the Bronze Ioun Stone and some gold by Cespenar. It will then offer the wearer of the circlet the ability to memorize one 7th and 8th level spell and an increase of maximum hit points of +10.

In-game descriptionEdit

Combined with the Bronze Ioun Stone, the Circlet of Netheril is a great boon to any practitioner of the arcane arts. Of course, something so valuable is likely to attract unwanted attention from rival mages...