Caelar Argent's exclusive equipment.


Almost a century ago, paladin of Lathander Edythe Brightsworn commissioned this helm while preparing to face a powerful vampire. During her many years as a knight of the Morninglord, Lady Brightsworn had accumulated some wealth, most of which she spent in preparation for her quest. After tracking the vampire to Waterdeep's City of the Dead, she assembled a party of adventurers and led them into the monster's lair. Only one of the group returned. Bloodied and wild-eyed, clutching Lady Brightsworn's helm in his hands, he relayed a tale of the nightmarish warrens the group had found and the vampire who culled them from their group, slaughtering them one by one. Investigations into the City of the Dead uncovered some of the tunnels, but all had collapsed. Of the vampire, there was no trace.