Under the Illusion SpellEdit

This area is affected by a very powerful illusion spell when entered during Investigate the Circus Tent. During the quest it will contain four large areas that vastly surpass the volume of the tent as seen from the outside.

First Area - BridgeEdit

This area contains a large dome and a bridge leading to its gate. When walking over the bridge, a Genie with a riddle will greet you. He will allow you to walk over the bridge if you can give the correct answer to his first or second riddle, or you have to kill him. Answering the first riddle gives the most experience points.

For the first riddle the answer is " the prince is 30 while the princess is 40" For the second riddle the answer is "nothing"

Second Area - Dome Entrance HallEdit

The party is first greeted by Aerie transformed to an Ogre. She will ask to be freed from the with the help of The Ogre's Sword. Alternatively, the party can provoke her to attack. It can be obtained from some Orcs posing as Commoners in the same area.

Hannah is also in this area, posing as a Giant Spider. Gorion's Ward can tell her her son is safe and is waiting for her outside the tent.

After dealing with Aerie one way or another, the part can proceed to the next area.

Third Area - Dome First FloorEdit

This area is a large circular room that contains illusionary werewolves and Shadows. The werewolves are illusions and cannot hurt the party. Killing them brings no XP. The Shadows, though, are quite real, deal damage can drain strength. The party will be attacked upon entry. After killing all monsters a Genie will appear to congratulate the party and allow them to proceed up the stairs.

Fourth Area - Kalah's ChambersEdit

Another circular room in which Kalah awaits the party. Quayle is also here, transformed to a Mustard Jelly. Kalah will taunt the party and attack with some Shadows. The party needs to kill only Kalah to break his spell and revert the Circus Tent to normal.

After the Spell is BrokenEdit

With Kalah's illusion's broken the tent reverts to normal. It contains two roulette tables and some circus personnel operating them.


Aerie will be here if she didn't join the group. Hannah will also appear and thank the party for helping her before leaving the tent to rejoin her son. Quayle, a former companion from Baldur's Gate can also be found here.

Notable LootEdit

Kalah's body will lie on the ground for some time, allowing the party the chance to loot:

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