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Quest: Cloakwood Mines

The Cloakwood is four areas of optional quests.  The fact that all of the Cloakwood-related quests are optional, though, still has a bearing on picking up the other two possible companions, both found in the third Cloakwood forest:

First Cloakwood Edit


map of First Cloakwood area

AR 2200, also known as the Cloakwood Lodge[1]
Enemies: Tasloi, Dread Wolves, Worgs, Huge Spiders, Wolves

Exit to the next Cloakwood Forest by any zone wall other than the one the party entered from.

  • Coran on the bridge, 1515, 690, is Chaotic Good; even his character sheet breaks a few rules. Three points in Bow, an extra three HP, and his 20 Dexterity are all impossible stats. He joins the party to kill Wyverns; if the party does not accept this quest, he will not join. He expresses displeasure if the Wyverns are not killed in a timely fashion, but it is said the complaining is just talk, and he will even stop complaining after a while.[2]
  • Cloak of Non-Detection from some Tasloi at 4390, 3470, part of a quest from Gurke in the Jovial Juggler in Beregost. The quest does not have to have been received for the Tasloi and their Cloak to spawn. Imoen may not have enough Lore to ID the cloak, but Eldoth probably does.
  • Aldeth Sashenstar at 2650, 2100, is running from the Lodge, yelling for help, and says that his friends had been killed by Druids for hunting in the area. Three druids approach; the leader, Seniyad, asks the player not to intervene, and that Aldeth was responsible for the death of Druids, not animals. Aldeth denies this. Choosing to aid either the Druids or Aldeth gets 2000 XP once the other is dead. Side with the Druids, and they warn of the dangers of the Shadow Druid faction in Cloakwood. Side with Aldeth, and Aldeth thanks the player and invites the party to visit the Manycoins Merchant League in Baldur's Gate. This invitation can lead to another quest in that building, which is otherwise inaccessible. This and the high XP from the Druids makes siding with Aldeth an obvious choice, in terms of rewards. And since it later transpires that the Shadow Druids are opposed to the Iron Throne, it is probably the morally better one also.
  • The Moose Lodge 2450, 1710; cabin with a locked chest, containing Necklace, two Potions, Arrows, 395GP

Second Cloakwood Edit


Map of Second Cloakwood area. Highlighted area is at the entrance to the spider cave.

AR 2100 - Also known as Cloakwood Nest [3]

Web Traps abound. Even Spiders, which are so weak compared with other enemies of the same XP, can easily kill characters that cannot defend themselves. One way to avoid traps is to retreat slightly from any encounter, forcing the creatures to come to you, rather than you pursuing them into a trap.

Survival in this area, particularly in the spider cave, is difficult without a goodly supply of potions of Antidote and/or Elixir of Health. If you still have the Potion of Invulnerability from killing Silke, the cave will be a good place to use it.

Exit to the north to get to the Druid Forest.

Enemies: Huge Spiders, Giant Spiders, Phase Spiders, Sword Spiders, Ettercaps.

Spider's Bane, a two-handed sword +2 with permanent Free Action effect (immune to Web, Slow, etc), is a reward from Tiber's quest Spiders in the Cloakwood.

There is Rashad's Talon , a +2 scimitar, on the bottom southeast peninsula. 

Tiber is at 4650, 1200. The spider cave entrance is at 1830, 1150, in which are two Sword Spiders, some Giant Spiders, two Ettercaps and the spider queen Centeol, herself 1000 XP. Caught in the web are Chelak's Body, the sword Spider's Bane, a cursed ring and a Wand of Frost.

Third Cloakwood Edit


Map of Third Cloakwood area. Highlight at Eldoth's location.

AR 1600, also known as Druid Forest.

After Second Cloakwood, this area feels positively idyllic. Wildlife encounters are few and non-venomous, and rest is mostly uninterrupted.

Enemies: Dread Wolves, Brown Bears, Wolves, Cave Bears, Tasloi

The Shadow Druid faction is opposed to Jaheira's faction, and Shadow Druids will be hostile if she is in the group - even their leader, Archdruid Amarande. If Jaheira is in your party, you may only speak to Eldoth, Laskal and Faldorn without being attacked on sight.

  • Eldoth is on the near (S) side of the river at 3180, 3490. He offers the Eldoth and Skie side quest if you invite him into your party.
  • Laskal 3345, 2130, claims to have a message for the Iron Throne, and asks if the party represents the Iron Throne. If you proclaim that you are the enemies of the Iron Throne, Laskal identifies his faction as Shadow Druids and gives the party an Invulnerability Potion. Laskal and Izefia at 1985, 1535, warn of the Iron Throne and the wyvern breeder, respectively. Although the quest is to seek the Iron Throne, there is no option to say that; it is not a stretch to say that the party is hunting bandits, and this works well in both cases.
  • Takiyah reiterates his fellows' estimation that other Shadow Druids will support the party's actions, but advises that the party take Faldorn along with them, both as aid and a chaperone to oversee the party's actions. Faldorn will do no such thing, of course, should the party take her on; she has no more power over party actions than any other companion.
  • Druid Tower at 850, 2115. A giant tree hollowed out and added to, to fashion a tower fortress. The Shadow Druid's Archdruid Amarande will see you; again, tell him that you hunt bandits and he informs the party of the Bandit Mines to the East. Minor loot to burgle here. Amarande himself has nothing in his pockets.

Fourth Cloakwood Edit


Enemies: Hamadryads, Guards, Baby Wyverns, Huge Spiders, Wyverns, Worgs, Wolves

File:4th Cloakwood.jpg
  • Wyvern Cave 4065, 1680; the one Coran was talking about. Kill them all and Coran will be at the disposal of the party. Loot on a body 400, 590, near the larger dead Wyvern; was it killed by the smaller ones? The Temple east of Beregost will give 2000 GP for one head; Officer Vai will give 1000 GP for each and every head, and will remain in the Jovial Juggler as long as the player never talks to her without a Bandit Scalp in their inventory. Failing that, the wizard Thalantyr in High Hedge will buy them for 500 GP, dropping to 200 GP.

The fastest way, in Real Life terms, to farm the Wyverns is to attempt to Rest, whereupon the party will almost, if not always, be 'ambushed', sometimes by Wyverns

Links Edit

  2. Bioware Forum: "it might be like Coran's quest to get the Wryvern head, he stops badgering you after a while"

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