AR1800worldmap Cloakwood Mine is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Cloakwood Mine area, labelled simply as Mine on the World Map, is an area within the Cloakwood Forest during Baldur's Gate. It's an old iron mine which was originally the home of the dwarven Orothair clan, yet most members were killed when they accidentally breached an underground river, subsequently flooding the mine. At present, the mine has been retrofitted and currently in full operation by the Iron Throne in secret. Their work force is made up of mostly enslaved men, most of which have been taken prisoner during caravan raids, with a few even tasked with making weapons and armor from the iron ore that has been mined or stolen from raids. Davaeorn is the leader of operations at the mine, running things from its deepest depths.

The immediate area surrounding the Motte-and-bailey fortification is relatively peaceful, with the occasional wild group of Tasloi or Wolf-pack meeting patrols of Iron Throne Guards or Blacktalon Elites. The unique guard Lakadaar may be encountered north of the fortification, and will hail Gorion's Ward once in sight; he may be scared away at the mention of Wyverns, but will otherwise attack with four comrades backing him up - despite this special circumstance, he's practically identical to any other Iron Throne guard.

The fortification is entirely surrounded by a moat, with only one entrance across a bridge due south of the entry point to this area. The first island includes a stables, barracks, and storehouse, along with an encounter with Drasus and his formidable group of hired adventurers. Within each building is a low-tier guard with some helpful information; one immediately flees before pointing the player in the direction of the mine entrance via dialogue, while the second will be hostile but will point the player in the direction of Davaeorn via dialogue after being charmed. The second island merely contains the entrance to the mines, serving as a guard-post.

You're obviously here on important business friends. If you want to see Davaeorn, he's on the fourth floor.

— Storehouse Guard (charmed)

Journal EntryEdit

Entering this area for the first time marks the Important Events:Cloakwood entry in your Journal as completed, and creates the Important Events:Crippling Cloakwood journal entry.