Cloakwood Mine level 1 is the first of four levels below Cloakwood Mine, discovered during Baldur's Gate. It's the area of the mine where the iron ore is actively mined, where'in a river plug is also located that can potentially flood the place if opened.

You're those bastards who've been taking down our mining ops. Well, you've come to the wrong place, kiddos. I'm one mean son of a bitch, and I'm gonna give you a world o' hurt.

— A Guard's greeting

The area is quite similar to the first few levels of the Nashkel Mines, with scattered miners and the occasional guard, with two significant differences; the miners are enslaved against their will, and the guards are under the employ of the Iron Throne and thus hostile towards Gorion's Ward.

There are less than ten Guards, identical to most others that the player has recently encountered, with the exception of three lower-tiered variants with various dialogue options. Of these three, one can be charmed to reveal the location of Davaeorn (similar to the storehouse guard on the surface), while another may be allowed to flee or will otherwise call for backup - comprised of three normal guards.

They oversee approximately twenty slaves, seven of which are unique, five of them being named - Faber, Andarsson, Canticle, Tipian and Phaersis - yet offer little significant information. The rest will likely offer a standard greeting of "Those aren't Blacktalons" or "Help us please. Free us!" Oddly enough, the two miners who are unique yet aren't named contribute substantially to the primary story-line, one located in the north-east next to the plug, with the second found in the south-west.


  • River Plug (North-east)
  • Entrance to Level 2 (South)
  • Exit to the Surface (North-west)

Side questsEdit