The Colquetle's Family Amulet is non-magical jewelry that can be found in BGEEglow in the North Nashkel Road area beside three corpses just south-west of the Hobgoblin Camp (2700, 900 ). It can be given to Mr. Colquetle in Beregost, in the house just north of Firebead's Home for 250 XP and +1 reputation. Saying that the party profited from his son's death, demanding payment or upright refusing to give it results in 250 XP but -1 reputation.

In original BGnoglow1, Mr. Colquetle will take instead any bloodstone amulet, saying that it belongs to his son, but there is no reward. Colquetle's Family Amulet apparently is a bloodstone amulet, as they have identical icons.

In-game descriptionEdit

Amulets are usually magical devices that are commonly worn around the neck, suspended from a chain. The type of chain that comes with an amulet generally increases the item's aesthetic value, not its magical properties. Only one amulet can be dangled from the neck at a time.