Command is a 1st level priest spell only usable by clerics and paladins. It causes a single creature to sleep for one round.


This spell enables the priest to command another creature to "die" (sleep) for a single round. At the end of the round, the creature awakens and is unharmed. Creatures with 6 or more Hit Dice (or experience levels) are entitled to a Saving Throw vs. Spell to ignore the command.


  • Attack rolls on sleeping enemies always hit, unless a critical miss is rolled. Attacks do not cause the enemy to wake up.
  • As this spell inflicts the sleep status effect, elves and half-elves will naturally resist it.
  • While this spell will cause its target (and anyone within the visible range) to aggro, it will prevent NPC's from seeing theft. Thus, it can be used to steal from containers without having the guards called, as long as you don't need to interact with the NPC later. Remember that if the AI is enabled, party members will attack hostile NPC's, possibly causing reputation loss.


  • The range for this spell is listed as 90 ft. in-game; it is actually 35 ft.

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