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When a wizard casts Conjure Lesser Air Elemental, he summons forth a lesser air elemental and compels it to do his bidding.

In-game descriptionEdit

Conjure Lesser Air Elemental
A wizard who casts a Conjure Lesser Air Elemental spell summons an air elemental to do his bidding. The elemental has 8 Hit Dice and will serve the caster's every whim until banished back to its home plane, the spell's duration expires, or the elemental dies.
The elemental is locked into a psychic contest with the caster for 3 rounds after being summoned. At the end of this time, if the caster has won, he has control of the elemental; however, if he has lost, the elemental goes berserk and tries to kill him.
However, every time this spell is cast, there is a 15% chance that the elemental will escape the instructions of the caster, go berserk, and attack the wizard who dared summon it. If it can't reach the summoner, it will fight its way toward him. This berserking elemental will also remain until slain or the spell's duration expires.
This does not prevent the use of other charm-type spells after the contest was lost. If charm spells are used before the contest is over, they will have no effect on the outcome.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

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