A Contingency spell allows a wizard to store spells that will activate once the condition specified at casting occurs. The uses for this spell are limited only by the imagination of the wizard.

In-game descriptionEdit

Upon casting this spell, the wizard is allowed to choose a spell out of <PRO_HISHER> repertoire of known spells. One spell level every 3 levels of the caster is allowed—up to 6th-level spells at 18th level. Once the spell is chosen, the caster may choose a condition of some kind from the list provided. The starting condition can be anything from reaching 10% of <PRO_HISHER> Hit Points to an enemy being sighted. Once this starting condition is satisfied, the spell that was chosen will be cast automatically.
For example, a 12th-level wizard could place the spell Stoneskin in a contingency with the starting condition being "the wizard reaches 50% of <PRO_HISHER> Hit Points." Once the wizard is reduced to 50% of <PRO_HISHER> Hit Points or below, Stoneskin would be immediately cast upon <PRO_HIMHER>. This requires no action by the wizard, but happens automatically and instantaneously.
A limitation of this spell is that the target of the spell placed in the contingency must be the caster: Therefore, it may not be an offensive spell, nor may it target any other party members.

Acceptable conditions are:
Wizard is hit for damage
Wizard sees enemy
Wizard's Hit Points are at 50%
Wizard's Hit Points are at 25%
Wizard's Hit Points are at 10%
Wizard is helpless (i.e., charmed, dominated, confused, stunned, asleep, etc.)
Wizard has been poisoned

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

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