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Copper Coronet
Copper coronet


Athkatla Slums




Inn, Store

The Copper Coronet is a large tavern in the Athkatla Slums. From here you can access the slums' sewers.

At the bar there are a number of interesting people:

  • Lehtinan, the owner of the Copper Coronet. If you give him the right responses, he will let you see the backrooms.
  • Bernard, an old friend of Jaheira. He sells weapons, armor and a few magic items.
  • Salvanas, someone looking for female company. If the player is female, you can offer to sleep with him, in which case he will run off. Do not let Edwin go near him whilst he is polymorphed into a woman, otherwise Edwin will attack and the whole bar turns hostile.
  • Unger Hilldark, who is in connection with the 'Sir Sarles' quest
  • Hendak, who if freed will kill Lehtinen and take over the bar. He offers you the quest to eliminate the slavers in the Slums. Incidentally, Lehtinen drops a Diamond, a Water Opal, a Scroll of Summon Nishruu, a Scroll of Death Fog, three Emeralds, a Dagger and 1,287 GP.
  • Surly, who looks over the fighting pits. When Hendak takes over you can bet on dog fights there.
  • Lord Jierdan, who will offer you the Journey to the Windspear Hills quest which is also the Paladin Class quest.
  • Garoll, who if you buy him a drink, wil tell you about the "special entertainment" in the back rooms of the Copper Coronet.
  • Tiana, who is looking for her missing husband, Rumar.
  • Rumar, who is hiding from Tiana with his new lover Priss.
  • Llynis, who you will need to speak to him in connection with the Teddy Bear quest.
  • Madam Nin, who offers to let you spend the night in the back rooms with a young lady if you're male, or a young man, if you're female. Some party members will actively refuse this offer, such as Minsc or Anomen. Some party members will also prevent the main character from accepting the offer, such as Jaheira or Viconia. Interestingly, Edwina will gladly accept and hire a young male lover. Any interaction with Madam Nin has no impact on the story.
  • Frankie, who tells you that there will soon be a fight. You can see this fight in which case you will see that the gladiators are the slaves, and a slave will fight a troll and lose in the fight.
  • Amalas, who you can fight in the fighting pits if Lehtinen is in charge.
  • the Beastmaster who holds the key to unlock the slave cells.

Nalia de'Arnise, Anomen Delryn, Korgan Bloodaxe, and HexxatBGII:EE can all be recruited here, though for Nalia, Korgan, and Hexxat you will have to go through a sub-quest first. Also, if you dismissed either Minsc, Imoen or Edwin, they can all be found in the tavern if you want to re-hire them. Yoshimo can also be here if you dismissed him, but only before Chapter 4 due to plot reasons.

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