There's a timer in this quest.

This is the companion quest for Coran, the rather seedy (although Chaotic Good in alignment) Fighter / Thief from the First Cloakwood area.

Coran has been tasked with obtaining a Wyvern head by Kelddath Ormlyr, governor of Beregost and priest of the Song of the Morning Temple in the Temple area east of Beregost. Kelddath has offered a substantial reward — 2,000 gold pieces for a single head — and Coran wants your assistance in obtaining one.

The head must come from an adult Wyvern, of which there are two in the Wyvern's Cave located at 4100, 1650 in the Fourth Cloakwood area.

Return the head of one to Kelddath at the Temple. The other can be sold to Officer Vai for 1,000 gp or to some merchants for 500 gp.

Note: Coran only needs to join your party momentarily to get this quest. After that he can be removed and you can still complete the quest and collect the reward without him.

Wyvern Hunting

Completion Timer Edit

After seven in-game days, Coran will complain of his impatience if a Wyvern Head has not yet been acquired. Rumours to the contrary[1] notwithstanding, after another seven days, he will leave the party, and the game, if a Wyvern Head has still not been acquired.


Quest title: Coran the Wyvern Hunter
Entry title: Coran, Hunter of Wyverns
Quest begins:
We have decided to join up with an elf named Coran in hunting down a wyvern. There has been a substantial reward offered for the head of the beast. We can collect the reward just east of Beregost at the temple of Lathander. That is where the mayor of Beregost is to be found, as he is also the head of the temple.
Entry title: Wyvern Hunting Season
Quest completed:
I have been well rewarded for delivering a wyvern head to Kelddath. No doubt this 2,000 gold shall come in quite handy.

References Edit

  1. Bioware Forum: "it might be like Coran's quest to get the Wryvern head, he stops badgering you after a while"