Corthala Family Armor is a set of enchanted chain mail +3. It offers an armor class of 2, +2 protection to slashing attacks and -2 to piercing. It offers 25% resistance to fire, magic and acid damage and complete immunity to the status effect charm. This armor appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. This armor is equiped by Valygar Corthala when he join the party. Valygar and any dual class fighter/mage or fighter/cleric may wear this, as long as they have at least 6 strength, 18 dexterity and 11 wisdom.


This armor, long in the Corthala bloodline, protects the user against all forms of attacks. The armor is enchanted so that it grants a +3 bonus to Valygar's armor class. It also adds a bonus to resisting acid, fire and magical damage. The armor also makes Valygar immune to charm while he wears it. As it is specially fitted for Valygar, few other than he may wear it.