Credus is a unique bandit in Baldur's Gate. He was the newest recruit to reach the Bandit Camp under Black Talons control, and as such had the duty to guard Tazok's tent. Assuming the protagonist and their party infiltrated the bandit camp, he will approach the party and stand relieved, giving them the task of guarding the tent in his stead

He essentially serves as a comical indicator of where the player should look next, referencing the importance of the tent he guards.

Lots of people say that. 'What do we need guards for?' 'What's so special 'bout Tazok's tent?' 'Must not be very important if Credus can guard it.' Well, they know nothing! Credus guards really well and a good thing too. Not many people know, but Tazok keeps important stuff in there. Papers and things. You just watch your step at night, because I have to thump anyone who comes near. No exceptions. I better go, so you be careful.