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Cromwell is a Lawful Neutral dwarf fighter who can forge many powerful items for the party for sums of gold. He is found in the Athkatla Docks, where he has a workshop near Mae'Var's Guildhall. He can forge ankheg plate mail more than once. Cromwell and Cespenar are the only ones who can create or improve existing ones.

List of itemsEdit

Item name Items required Gold needed
Ankheg Plate Mail Ankheg Shell 5000
Crom Faeyr Hammer of Thunderbolts, Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, Hands of Takkok and Crom Faeyr Scroll 7500
The Equalizer Blade of the Equalizer, Hilt of the Equalizer and Pommel of the Equalizer 7500
Gesen Bow Gesen Bow String + Gesen Bow Shaft 7500
Mace of Disruption +2 Illithium Ore 7500
Red Dragon Scale Armor Red Dragon Scales 5000
Shadow Dragon Scale Armor Shadow Dragon Scales 5000
Silver Sword Silver Blade and Silver Hilt 7500
The Wave Wave Shaft + Wave 7500

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