The Crooked Crane Inn is an inn in Athkatla's City Gates district.

The only rooms in the inn you can sleep in are stables, so you can only rent a peasant accommodations room.

In the North corner of the Inn, there is a hidden locked door that leads to a lich's lair, so low level parties should avoid the room.

The first time you enter, you will overhear a nobleman talking about lovers on the second floor. If you go to the second floor you can either ignore Tiiro and Aulava, tell them to follow their family's wishes and break up or you can tell them they should follow their own hearts. Beware, if you encourage Tiiro's and Aulava's relationship, you are going to lose one reputation point when you visit the inn in the future - Rilmi will tell you that the couple has gone crazy and started setting buildings on fire.


First floor

Second floor

Notable lootEdit

Inside the hidden room with the lich, one can find:

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