Please don't kill me! Please, please, please, please, please!

Cuchol, the Scourge of Lachom and Ravisher of Surkh,[1] is a mage, who got trapped on the Ice Island in Tales of the Sword Coast.

After begging a lot not to kill him and complaining at a similar rate about the temperature of this place, the mage with "the body of a god" will attack the party – either because he thinks, some "trull" has sent assassins, because he wants to have the ward, or because he deems Gorion's Ward useless after they indeed gave him this wardstone.[1]

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Cuchol assumes being captured on the Ice Island for some trouble with one or more women from Surkh, his hometown. The name Yspank is dropped, but whether she was his lover, his protector, or the one who might send assassins after him, remains unclear.[1]

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