Daese is the companion of Karoug[1] in Tales of the Sword Coast.

She is with him in his lair on the fourth level of Balduran's ship, the Wandering Eye, on the northern part of the Isle of Balduran.

Involvement Edit

When things between Karoug and Gorion's Ward escalate, the female Necromancer will cast Horror and then turn into her true form, a wolfwere.

Gameplay Edit

  • Daese's race script only contains the call for her Horror spell and the turning into wolfwere form.
  • As the initial meeting with Karoug can be concluded peacefully, it would be possible to backstab Daese and in this way remove her from the inevitable later fight with Karoug's flock of wolfweres. A magical weapon has to be used for this to work.
    • This not only prevents the risk of getting fear, but is also easier to accomplish due to a lower AC and less HPs and also nets more XP.

Notes Edit

  1. In the classic Tales of the Sword Coast the creature file gender of Daese's human form is in fact "unknown"; her animation, however, is that of a female mage.
  2. Daese is the only wolfwere in Tales of the Sword Coast, who is named "werewolf".
  3. After turning into a wolfwere, Daese's creature file gender changes to male, as all lycanthropes technically are.

References Edit

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