Dagger +2 is the standard enchanted dagger, but it has the same stats as the Heart of the Golem, which is also a +2 dagger. It can inflict 1d4 +2 points of piercing damage, has a +2 THAC0 bonus, a weight of 1 lb., and a speed factor of 0. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It can be bought from Ribald Barterman's special wares in Chapter 6 and is also sold at the Tankard Tree and by Karthis al-Hezzar. Illasera and Kiser Jhaeri also drop the weapon upon death.


The typical dagger has a pointed, double-edged blade, as opposed to a knife which has a single edge and is a bit shorter. This particular dagger is magical, having special bonuses to its speed, accuracy, and damage it causes.  Also, since it is magical, is it capable of striking opponents that are immune to normal weapons, such as vampires, elementals and mummies.

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