Dak'kon's Zerth Blade is an enchanted katana +2, which inflicts 1d10+2 points of damage, has a +2 THAC0 bonus.

This weapon also give +1 bonus to AC and allows the wielder to memorize one extra wizard spell from first to fourth level. It has a weight of 4 lbs. and a speed factor of 2.This weapon can be wielded by all classes which are allowed to wield katanas, but only bards, fighter/mages and thief/mages benefit from these extra spell slots.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Limited Edition) and the Enhanced EditionEdit


This sword was the weapon of choice of the famous githzerai Dak'kon.  Dak'kon was killed by a powerful entity while working for a creature known as the 'Nameless One'.

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