So…The stoic adventurers have found their way down to my lair.

Davaeorn is a Neutral Evil human mage working for the Iron Throne. He is in command of the operation at the Cloakwood Mines. He is a boss and must be defeated to advance to Chapter 5 of the main quest. He gives orders to Tazok and takes his orders from Rieltar Anchev.

Why have you come? Is it to steal my riches or perhaps you seek to righteously punish me for my affront to your morality. It matters little for you will do neither. Before I dispose of you in some horribly gruesome manner, perhaps I should introduce myself, I am known as Davaeorn. I would ask you for your names, but I care little to become acquainted with the dead.

The spells he can use make him an opponent which should not be underestimated. Upon meeting him for the first time, he already has two spells active: Protection from Normal Missiles and Mirror Image. As the fight begins, he casts Dimension Door on himself, then turns to offensive spells, including:

Die, insolent whelps!

This character has many unique enchanted items, such as the Robe of the Evil Archmagi and the Bracers to the Death. He will also drop the Key to River Plug, which is necessary to flood the mines.


  • According to his brother, Davaeorn murdered their father. His brother is in the area of the north of the Lighthouse.

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