The Defender of Easthaven is a powerful defensive flail, which arguably is better than a shield.


Sold by Joluv inside the Copper Coronet.

In classic BGII(SoA), this weapon is only available to the Collector's Edition owners; it's integrated in GoG version of the classic BGII(SoA) and BGII:EE.

In-game descriptionEdit

This flail was created a century ago to commemorate the defeat of the devil Belhifet. It was meant to always remain within the town of Easthaven to remind the people of the great evil that had been barely defeated.

Gameplay Edit

  • Provides common types of physical damage in the game, this flail can be effectively used as a substitute of a shield in the off-hand. Players may combine this weapon with Hardiness, Armor of Faith for great physical protection

Gallery Edit

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