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Defensive Harmony is a 4th level priest spell available to Clerics and Druids. It is an area effect spell and grants a 2 point bonus (-2) to Armor Class to all allies. The spell is automatically available to Druids and Clerics of a certain level and can also be purchased from stores.

Where to Obtain its ScrollEdit

Baldur's GateEdit

In-Game Description Edit

Defensive Harmony


Level: 4

Sphere: Law

Range: Caster

Duration: 6 rounds

Casting Time: 1

Area of Effect: 10' radius

Saving Throw: None

Defensive Harmony grants affected creatures a defensive bonus by bestowing an enchanted coordination of their attacks and defenses. This allows a group of creatures to act as a single unit for a single battle or encounter. The effect is always centered on the caster, but affects all those within a 10 foot radius. The affected can move outside of this after the spell is cast and still enjoy the benefits of the harmony. While the spell is in effect, each affected creature gains a +2 bonus to his armor class. This lasts for 6 rounds or until successfully dispelled. Multiple castings of this spell are not cumulative.

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