The Demon Knight is a demon who has claimed rulership over Durlag's Tower. He lures adventures to the tower so they will break through Durlag's wards and traps for him. Once the traps are gone he plans to use the tower as a base. He is one of many evil creatures Durlag sought to seal away in the deepest levels of his labyrinth. Though the Demonknight is surely older than the tower itself he is not the greatest evil trapped within or the evil Durlag feared.


He can be met twice in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate EE. If the player chooses to take a tour of Durlag's Tower he will appear on the first level of the tower and attack Ike and the tourists with fireballs. His second appearance is at the bottom of Durlag's Labyrinth where the player must fight him. In the EE he only drops a scroll of glitterdust, the helm of opposite alignment and the soultaker dagger.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • He is immune to fire, highly resistant to magic, and can detect invisibility. Spells or cloaks of non-detection may counter this.


The number in parentheses after the spell indicates the number of times the spell can be cast by this character.


Because the Demonknight is so highly resistant to magic and melee combat is difficult it may be best to avoid using both. Instead, have the fighter with the best constitution and armor class run around the edge of the room as a distraction. Position all other party members in the center of the room and have all ranged fighters target the Demonknight. Oil of Speed maybe helpful for keeping the fighter stay alive. This method may take some time but is workable.


Spider says to fly, 'the parlor welcomes.' You have come to die, and I know best.
You have done just what I wished. I need a base that is fortified and secure, and I also do not wish my hirelings to die with every step. I bait some foolish adventurers in and they make the floors safe. They come this far and die, and I do not need to sully my hands removing traps. I need not dirty hands at all. Foolish flesh kills itself with my Mirror of Opposition.
With the aid of a trinket they destroyed themselves. They should thank, that I allowed them to die by their own hand instead of killing them like insects. One yet lives. Perhaps I should kill with the old rituals, and bring forth a proper minion. He will outlive his worthless companions in undeath.

Their age is your age is the age of all mortals, and it is irrelevant. You do not know true age, and you could not until you have outlived a dragon or an elf, or a legend. Death can be eternal sleep, or the one eternal life. You will know the sleep, and I will still be the life.