If I win, I am released. If I lose, I am released.

Dezkiel is a Fighter / Mage, who got trapped on the Ice Island in Tales of the Sword Coast.

He seems to have gained the most philosophical insights of the island and its inhabitants, and shares a lot of his thoughts. Most important, however – he holds what Gorion's Ward came here for: Shandalar's Cloak. And he won't give it away without bloodshed.

Dezkiel's Scroll Edit

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Scribble scribble scribble, as every mage must do.
These walls will hold your power fast, unless I walk right through.
A boat I bade from birch and bark, but burned I did at morn.
Rather I gather in this held spot, than suffer my hands get worn.

Fools this place has, and many more to come. I will greet and take what will, and in the end will I have all? Oh, I think so. I mock your prison AO, as though you would care to listen. Are you even behind the walls? I see your symbols in the sky, but others too. Mystra, goddess of magic, my magical maiden, why do you treat your children so? Do you give the sparkle of magic only so it cannot be used? A lesson in humility for those on the verge of true power? Drop your robes and wands and staves, or forever be trapped with your self-importance and pride? Perhaps, but I will not shed what I have earned just to walk the skies again. I shall profit from this; I will play outside your rules. This place will bring it all to me in time, though I can't take it elsewhere. No, you can't take it with you, but you can stay with it, and hold it tight. Perhaps with outside help? Bah! None but those who have learned can find this place again, and they will not interrupt the teaching. I will not bend; I will snap and strike back in time. Humility is so...humiliating, and I will not suffer more. Power impotent is still preferable to power lost.

Of course, perhaps the walls do not listen to such musings, and my writing is pointless. No matter, for tomorrow I shall wipe this clean and write anew. My verse gets better. One must have hobbies.

Gameplay Edit

  • Dezkiel wears an undroppable NPC necklace (MAGEAMUL.itm) that grants a Minor Globe of Invulnerability for twelve minutes every time the area is loaded, indicated by the message "Shielded" (not to confuse with Shield) – which means immunity to spells of levels 1 to 3.
  • For an opponent here with a similar style of combat, see Beyn.

Trivia Edit