The Discipliner, otherwise known as the Ring of Folly, is a cursed ring made to humiliate the most careless, skilled, and egotistical students of arcane magic. They see this as a 'gift' instead of punishment of a disapproving teacher. After this experience, the teacher hopes this student becomes more humble and careful. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


Baldur's GateEdit

Baldur's Gate IIEdit


Oft the bane of the careless mage, this ring was actually made to promote humility. Hergal Norin, a grand wizard of Narfell, would give the Discipliner to his most skilled, and most egotistical students. Through their bland arrogance they would mistake this ring as a reward for their 'obvious brilliance,' and not the punishment of a disapproving teacher.

Related QuestsEdit

Arcand the MadEdit

In Baldur's Gate, the NPC Mad Arcand is a short distance from the shipwreck where one of the rings is located. He merely asks you to retrieve the ring from the ship. If you give it back to him, he will reward you with 300 experience and and bottle of Oil of Fiery Burning.

Spiders in the CloakwoodEdit

In Baldur's Gate, though strictly not related to the quest, a ring may be found in the same treasure trove as the quest item.

Dealing with the Trademeet GeniesEdit

In Baldur's Gate II, the NPC Khan Zahraa wants the player to hunt down Ihtafeer, a shape-shifting Rakshasa. If the player disagrees with the Genie, they will offer you this ring as a 'reward'.


Wearing the ring during a solo game effectively causes a game over, as the effect is permanent and the character is held in place with no means of curing themself.