Dispel Magic removes magical effects from spells, potions and some magical items from everyone in its area of effect at certain chances.


A Dispel Magic spell removes magical effects upon anyone within the area. This includes effects given from spells, potions and certain magical items such as wands. It does not, however, affect enchanted magical items or spell protections such as Spell Turning and Spell Deflection. The chance of the dispel succeeding is determined by the level of the caster and the level of the magic being dispelled. The base chance of successfully dispelling is 50%. For every level that the caster of the Dispel Magic is above the original caster, <PRO_HISHER> chance of success increases by 5%. For every level that the caster of Dispel Magic is below the original caster, <PRO_HISHER> chance of success decreases by 10%. However, despite the difference in levels, there is always at least a 5% chance of success or failure. Thus, if a caster is 10 levels higher than the magic <PRO_HESHE> is trying to dispel, there is only a 5% chance of failure. Similarly if the caster is 4 levels lower than the magic <PRO_HESHE> is trying to dispel, there is only a 10% chance of success. Intuitively, this spell is almost useless if the target is 5 or more levels higher than the caster.

Note: While this spell dispels the individual effects of Grease, Web, Stinking Cloud, and other such spells, it does not dispel the area of effect.

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  • Despite the Description states, the levels of the magic (spell-level) do not factor in the dispel success rate, it's the differences among the casters' levels that count. This spell groups every effect received from each caster together and treats each groups individually, it checks the level differences between the dispel-er and casters' levels from each group to determine the chance to dispel each group, so the effects received from a high level caster are less likely to be dispelled than those from a low level caster when all are present on the same time
  • Inquisitors cast Dispel at casting speed of 1 and at double caster level capped at 20, up to 40; single class cleric may naturally achieve the same number; wild mages randomly access to Wild Surge table#99, which potentially get higher: 31x2=62
  • The only way to block this spell is to pre-cast Spell Immunity: Abjuration
  • Carsomyr casts a lvl 30 Dispel Magic upon its target on hit.
  • Arrows of Dispelling copy the effect, but ignore immunities and are set to always work, irrespective of level difference. They are very efficient against enemies like liches, which are immune to spells of lvl 5 or lower.


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