The Doomsayer is the guardian of an ancient temple of Kozah in the Archaeological Site area south of the Lighthouse. This temple is being excavated by Charleston Nib. If the Idol of Kozah is taken out of temple, the Doomsayer will appear and attack, after a brief dialogue. 

The Doomsayer targets the nearest party member with melee attacks, and is quite powerful. Even at level 6, the party member being attacked will need extensive healing and other support (BlessProtection from Evil, etc.) to survive the encounter.

The Doomsayer can only be damaged by enchanted weapons and ammunition, and is immune to electrical damage.  


Dispel Magic will make all the difference when fighting the Doomsayer. It will dispel his Blur and his Flame Blade spells. With his fists alone, his damage is minimized and he is never able to kill, as fists only knock someone out.

Fire, ice, acid and magic damage spells will work. Lightning will heal him, as he has over 100% lightning resistance.

To disengage, you'll need a distraction, and the best one is probably summoning creatures to keep him busy. Web will work well enough, though he has high saving throws (at least whilst blurred) and won't give up the chase despite being out of sight. You'd probably have to flee the zone and return to disengage combat.

Wands of Frost and Magic Missiles work. Wands of Paralysis works even better. Also, in case Dispel Magic misfires, have Oil of Speed prepped for one of your main fighters armed with powerful weapons. Note also that ranged weapons can be helpful to halt the Doomsayer just enough to maximize the effect of Web.


IthNal cOR dan osa KOZAH! Rrrackne dall'a osa KOZAH!

  • 1:-Speak common, you abomination! I cannot fathom your words!
Sssstormss shall bring doom to theeee... Idollll so commandsssss... Echtah tuln no osa KOZAH!
  • 2:-Speak your gibberish as you will: the end will be the same. Die, you unnatural beast!
Nottt for theeee to underssstand... neeeed only dieeee while youuu hold... idolll does soo commannnnd... Eltor anSle osa KOZAH!
  • 3:-What are you trying to say? Speak, and I shall see if I can help you.
Hhhellp? Nooo hhhelp for theee... only sleeeep... eternity sleeeeep of one forgotttt... deathh of godsss... idol take theeee wwwwhile you hold... I reclaimmm! Oro lan t'ola osa KOZAH!

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